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Hello, I’m Athena.

I’ve owned this domain name for ages, so I decided to dust it off and use it as my re-launch platform. Here I plan to blog, post videos, showcase artists and authors and thinkers. I’ll be pulling all my other websites and endeavors under one umbrella.

My publishing house, BlissQuestPublishing, my arts and crafts, and photography as well as essays, recipes and creativity coaching. The subjects will include the business and finance of being a working artists, as well as how to maintain brand and visibility in a media-based world.

This site will hub for community conversations, and funnel links to working artists, successful entrepreneurs, and how-to junkies.

I’ll be accepting bottom bar, and some limited sidebar advertising, as well as affiliates and promotional options. While this site will be monetized with the expectation of growth and development toward the endgame of funding the publishing house and supporting the bigger picture, it is my goal to keep the monetizing process personal, and classy – with that said, I’m posting links and directions to support this process by one time donations to paypal, regular contributions through Patreon (regular contributors through Patreon will receive tiered bonus content), and the requirements for affiliate and ad space (which will be limited). It all goes to getting Wisegoddess and myself up and running full-time, and supports a dream in evolution. Help keep it real and classy.

For the most part, I’ll be seeking videos, articles and essays, as well as interviews and showcase events. I hope to help artists be found, as well as broach some of the much needed discussions about monetizing arts, fair trade ideas, diversification of sex, race, and religion in the field, and healthcare for creators. I realize these are not small topics, and I hope that by popping the lid off market conditioning and gatekeeper disconnect – we’ll be able to facilitate some positive change, work together to brainstorm new ways to co-creating in this world.

Success is subjective, but we all deserve a fair chance at being self-sufficient at our crafts and to be recognized as contributing members of society with our skills, talents and creations. All of us.

It is my goal to be self-sustaining through the creative process, and to help others enjoy the same dignity.

Let’s create all the things!


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