I’ll be receiving the second half of the ‘Sinnet of Dragons’ edits this weekend. I’m still rounding up on proofers, and finagling a layout designer. It’s still looking like a late May, early June launch! Starting to look around for a launch party venue and talk to some reviewers, too. Still a lot to do, but I think we’re in the clear for a spring/summer release!!! Wooohooo!!

The deadline to have your name included in the special Patreon Acknowledgments is March 1st, 2017.

I’ll be pulling all my Patron names on the 2nd, and including them in the first edition of Sinnet of Dragons. If you would prefer to have a loved one acknowledged instead, please send me a note. If you would not like your name to be mentioned, please let me know!

To register for special contribution and acknowledgment, please visit my patron page and sign up to support the publishing dream. You can register for as little as a buck a month, and cancel at any time. I am, as always, grateful for all your support and contributions. Here’s the link: https://www.patreon.com/Wisegoddess

Without my patrons, Sinnet of Dragons would still be languishing in a desk drawer, covered with sticky notes and liquor store receipts. So, thank you! Thank you. You have made this book possible.