Hello Dear Patrons!

There’s a distinct autumn scent in the morning, and cool fronts moving off the water in late afternoon. Summer is giving her three week notice to start wrapping the party for fall. Although this summer has not yielded any of the fruits I’d hoped for; no house, and two months unfulfilled short story entries, it has been a wonderful window for getting creative development and research in.

A much needed trip home to Valdez, Alaska offered a chance to re-connect with my roots and say hello to the people and land I love. A trip to the Nehalem Bay Winery inspired a change in one of my favorite summer recipes, so I’ve included it here: Peach sautéed Sea Scallops.

But most importantly, August was a month for compiling the beta feedback and making edits for Sinnet of Dragons, draft V.2. (So far consumer feedback is positive, as the man next to me on the airplane asked me to turn the pages slower while I was editing so he could read over my shoulder.)

All in all, while there was little happening on the Wisegoddess.com website, and with the publishing house – we are steadily saving funds from your donations to pay for the editor when V.3 is ready.

Speaking of the publishing house, I would also like to mention that I completed and submitted the application for the Oregon/SW Washington Angel investors, and one incubator for startups this month. The fair trade publishing model is under review and I should hear back in the next three weeks if the publishing house is a candidate for a funding option or if I can qualify for mentorship to help this full-scale project get off the ground. Fingers crossed.

While there’s not a lot to report with use of funds from Patreon this month, that’s a good thing since we’re saving up for the editor. Meanwhile, I am still gathering creative data, doing revisions, and keeping the fire stoked for the next big milestone.

With August Patreon funds I was able to:

  1. Compile all the beta reader feedback and corrections into V.2 of the working manuscript for ‘Sinnet of Dragons’
  2. Sadly, no entries won for the short story category “Wonder”.
  3. Set aside full month worth of funds collection for the editor, (so far we have $300 held for the goal of $1200).
  4. Research and query freelance editors for fantasy fiction and YA openings.
  5. Queue slot for layout designer in November.

Here’s to a wonderful summer roll out, and a gentle autumn welcome. I can almost taste the pumpkin spice, and hearty stews of the most creative season of the year.

Thank you for your support!




P.S This month’s photo is Peach Sautéed Scallops and Nehalem Bay Winery Peach Wine.


½ lb. Sea Scallops

4 Tbsp. salted butter

¼ cup diced red onion.

½ cup peach wine (or sweet white wine)

1 small peach, slivered

Mint *optional


  • Heat your pan to searing temperature, and sear scallops on both sides. Do Not Cook – only sear.
  • Remove scallops from the pan.
  • Lower temperature, add butter and onions to caramelize.
  • When onions are caramelized add the wine, and diced peaches until the peaches are tender.
  • Add seared scallops, cook only until the scallops are done, do not overcook.
  • Plate while warm and garnish with mint if desired.