Transcript to ‘Resist the Darkness’ by Athena

This is the transcript to my resist the darkness speech. Please feel free to remake it in your own image, with your own voice. If you’re resisting, if you’re standing up against the darkness, please feel free to take what you need, to spin it, tag it back to this place… and keep fighting the good fight. Keep creating. Keep imagining. Keep supporting your neighbors, and community.

We are the light.


Resist the Darkness by Athena

Now, more than ever we need to support art, free thought, and human diversity. We need to promote science, mathematics, history, technology, and innovation. We need to promote human rights, diversity, and inclusion.

In an early first volley, our national leadership has targeted the freedom to release scientific discoveries and data. There are active attempts to use “alternate fact” in place of evidence and to write history in a manner of propaganda rather than reality. There’s are active attempts to close down publicly funded art programs, and arts in education. There are persistent attempts to dehumanize, divide, and conquer.

Why is it important to resist these attempts to subvert human rights, intellect, and creativity?

Because in these areas, Science, Math, Art, Technology, History and so on, they are the pillars of human societal evolution. They are the progressive map of who we are and what we’ve striven for throughout history in order to achieve a more abundant and dimensional quality of life.

We use these inspirational tools to understand ourselves as people, to understand our neighbors, and the human experience. We use these tools to quantify reality, make sense of matter, and to justify the mysteries of the Universe beyond what we can measure, or articulate, and reason.

We use these inspirations to query reality, sometimes we discover answers and sometimes only deeper questions, but the outcome is a work of art, a dance, a line of poetry or a beautiful mathematical proof. These answers can come in the form of theorem, music, a technological leap in communication, or even a play. We, as a human race are immeasurably enriched by the search and the discovery of these Universal questions and resulting expressions.

I am resisting the idea that art should be defunded, because art/ entertainment and exploration are fundamental to human emotional process and expression.

I am resisting restrictions and censorship of scientific data sharing, because we, as the human race, deserve to know the discoveries of our Universe and our world, the depth of its need, the scope of its possibility, and the edges of its continuous mystery.

I am resisting the attempts to hamstring education, history and technology. I’m resisting the attempts to divert my attention to war, and fear, and hate – by remembering this fundamental truth, that all the inspirational tools of our human mastery, all the creative and scientific innovations and wonder of our human capacity bely the very nature of war, fear, and hate.

Inspiration is the antithesis to bigotry. The inspirations are the countermeasure to emotional and mental terrorism.

Inspiration is light.

Resist the darkness.