It’s the day before launch, and I couldn’t sleep last night. I suspect this will get easier with more books, but three down and I’m still a nervous flutter bug before the big day. There’s a lot riding on this one. It’s an unfair pressure to put on a little book, but it’s there.

Timing and circumstances being what they are, it’s a struggle not to stress. I’ve been trying to distract myself with workshop planning, cleaning, and some quality Netflix, but it’s not holding my attention tight enough. I keep getting up to futz or putter around in the garden or, well, mostly in non-productive circles. Then I have some wine and chew my lip.

I’m making more trips to town to keep my marketing plans on schedule, and stay on top of the changes I need to make the branding shifts. My inbox is full and I’m behind on correspondence, likely won’t get caught up until after the launch party.

I remember this space from previous launches. It is what it is. Could use a pedicure and a deep tissue massage followed by a glass of scotch on the deck, actually. I’ll get on that.

Tomorrow five years of waiting and work hits the shelf. Five years of thinking I should just give it up, find an easier path than writing. Five years of self-doubt, frustration with the dream, hope of a better outcome, etc. The roller-coaster. Five years of working maddening corporate gigs to pay for living and publishing expenses.

It’s a relief to have Sinnet of Dragons off my desk. A relief that it’s now in the hands of readers and the public.

I guess the best medicine for the pre-launch jitters and the inevitable post-launch slump is to get busy on the next one. Time to pour a drink, celebrate, then get back to work.