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Wisegoddess is soft launching right this very moment – the world launch is in March. Be ready! Check out Wisegoddess.com as it gets up and moving. I’m getting structured and prepped for arts, business, and entertainment discussions.

We are here to create – let’s make this world a reflection of our inner stories, not the stories thrust upon us.

I’m targeting writers on my feeds and in my circles, but all artists are welcome to contribute. Graphic novelists, illustrators, theater folk, dancers, musicians, painter, and performers of all kinds. Art is multitude, expression, story. If you knit, cook, sew, or do photography and want to write an article, do it!

If you want ad space for your storefront, newsgroup, event, or book – let me know if something is coming up in your submission and I’ll try and schedule an earlier ad space, prior to an article release for buildup. If you need early coverage for a show, signing or launch, work with me, and we’ll see how to schedule earlier publicity, even if your story is queued later.

The ad space (ad to be approved), an interview or promotion, and $25 is contingent on the signing of a contributors code of conduct, to refuse negative interactions on the blog with commenters. Dangerous or unhealthy commenters and trolls will be removed from comment sections – contributors are not required to participate with readers and commenters, but if so choosing, they must adhere to the rules of positive interaction and ethics, which will be delivered with a release and short contract if your article is picked. This is a site to find solutions, create new ways of art, knit audience and provide pathways – positivity and courtesy are mandatory for the process of trust, and respect to rebuild bridges between disenfranchised audiences, and often under recognized creators. Trust.

Want to participate in the progress? Join the adventure!

Submissions are open as of the 02/24/2016.

Submit content to: Submissions (at) wisegoddess.com

Articles 1,000 to 1,200 words on the following topics:

  • Diversity in publishing
  • Diversity in Entertainment (are the Oscars white-washed? Obviously, but how and what can we do about it in entertainment when market conditioning defines the gatekeepers?)
  • Fair trade in arts
  • Healthcare for artists? Why or why not?
  • Better representation for characters of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, and religious minorities in literature, or entertainment.
  • Who is the true modern American audience for literature and entertainment?
  • Business – How to rock out as an indie and earn
  • Thinking about retirement, when you’re not yet self-sustaining
  • Savings and investment strategies with very small steps, think of your longevity as an artist by planning longer term
  • Monetizing your art, and not feeling bad about it
  • Being okay with asking what you’re worth
  • Saying “No” to free work
  • How to articles on craft (any craft)
  • Tutorials on process

These are just a few topics I’m interested in having conversations about on the website. These are first time publication rights for the US. Wisegoddess rights do not expire, but you can publish elsewhere after six months (courtesy is usually a year). I’ll be hiring an editor for short articles, grammar and spelling only (the polish). Photos and Illustrations, and videos are negotiable with guarantee of copyright and model release.

Please think of Wisegoddess as a place to get the word out on topics that relate to our future as artists, and our ability to make a fair, sustainable living from our crafts. Please use this site as a way to reach broader audiences and spread the word on topics related to those very audiences and their inclusion in the human story with fair and equal representations in our entertainment industry.

Thank you so much for considering Wisegoddess as a publication and media platform!



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