Dear Patrons!
The autumn has been generous with its beauty. Attached are some photos of the Siuslaw National Forest where my new home is located. Fall and spring are my most creative seasons, and this autumn is no exception. I’ve been out with my camera, exploring the area near my road and it’s as inspiring as I hoped it would be.
Writing, editing, photography and building home. It’s all coming together.
My handoff date for the Sinnet of Dragons V.3 manuscript to the editor, Madeline Sara Hopkins has been moved back to the 28th of November. Life got in the way for both of us this month, and this gives me extra time to rewrite the dedications, and add in bonus content. I’ll check in on the Patreon site then to let you all know how it’s going after Thanksgiving.
On November 1st, I kicked off another year of NaNoWriMo. This makes my thirteenth year (maybe fourteenth…) Anywhoo, looking back on my completion rate, I’ve finished 50% of the years I’ve participated. That’s 600,000 words of novel completed, and another 300,000 abandoned halfway through. Apparently, I do go on a bit, by like half a million words or so….
The point is, I’ll be engrossed in the manuscripts for Scold of Jays and Congress of Eagles through November. Then the editorial work on Scold of Jays will begin in earnest at the new year when we have enough funds saved to pass the SoD manuscript off for formatting and design.
This month we have saved up $600 to go to the editor, so most of my efforts to work on the website and other publishing ventures have been kept in the shallow, low cost arena.
Log jam in the Siuslaw National Forest

Log jam in the Siuslaw National Forest

With Patreon funds this month I was able to:
·         Participate at a book signing at the Portland Fall Home and Garden Show: https://www.facebook.com/homeshowpdx *photo attached.
·         Continue to build the net funds for manuscript editor, Madeline Hopkins.
·         Schedule a podcast chat with Kelli Richards ‘All Access Radio’ to host a conversation and breakdown of the fair trade publishing model for her creative listening audience. Date 11/28/2016 @ 5pm. PST. (http://allaccessradio.libsyn.com/)
Thank you so much for all your support and continued interest and patronage! I’m attaching a few bonus photos of adventures in book signing, and forest exploring. These woods are my new wonderland, full of inspiration and story. I can’t wait to share the fruits of those creations with you.
Thank you for being along with me on this beautiful ride.
PS.  Whilst signing books at the Fall Home and Garden Show, I may or may not have been drinking wine with the cutie pies from Naked Winery across the hall from our book booth… which leads me to the several bottles of wine I purchased to test out.
Do my Patrons like the recipes I post? If so, I’ve been testing out the Naked Winery reds on stews and autumn dishes. Would you like me to include more recipes with your Patreon letters?Finding Peace