I scored on some delicious mangoes, and couldn’t decide on one recipes. So I made a few!

This month it’s all about the mangoes on my patreon recipes.

I could’ve made more recipes, too, if I hadn’t eaten half a flat of mangoes in the raw.

Two weeks into the pursuit of the dream I’m noticing some significant changes in my mind and body. Healthier thoughts, happier moods, more consistent physical rewards to becoming generally more balanced. Better energy, more endurance. It’s been a noticeable change. My creative surges are spiking up and have yet to level out, but I suspect that will come in time when I’m more confident of the long-term security. When a creative crash follows, it’s draining, yet the recovery time is shorter each session; I feel like the equalization isn’t far off.

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to equalize the creative surges, years actually. It feels like it’s on track, though.

It’s hard to tell sometimes if all these changes could have occurred while still in the circumstances that felt so limiting and toxic, but it’s a moot point. This change obviously needed to happen.

The first two weeks have primarily been prioritizing. With a sudden surge of energy and time, there’s a backlog of projects, research, and ideas to get to, plus what’s already been in the queue. The first order of business has been to try to schedule out the projects and ideas with the most potential in order to use time, and funds to best advantage.

Also in this timeframe has been the need to establish some rhythm. A schedule in and out of town, times that are best for creative work, maintenance, and socializing.

I finished an article on maximizing creativity, and posted my classes and workshop offerings.


Beyond the new schedule and list of priorities to make this dream a reality, I’m finding lots of wonderful curiosities and wonders out here in the woods to fill in the down spaces.

A bald eagle has been making regular stops in my little clearing, sitting in the tree on the island. A racoon has made a habit of trekking daily to the offering bowl out by the water, and making a point to look back at me while I’m on the deck, drinking my coffee, as if to say, “Don’t mind me, I’m just here to burgal your shit.” I’m fairly certain it’s the same racoon I chased into the woods in my skivvies in the middle of the night as he was making off with my vent cap.

I also had the great privilege of witnessing thousands of small birds at dusk one evening. I thought they were swifts, but they may have been swallows. Thousands of tiny birds darting through the clearing, spiraling up above the tree line, dancing through the sky. It reminded me of the Chapman swifts, but they didn’t assemble to nest, rather, they spent a half hour in the sky and moved west. They disappeared and I sat on the deck with my mouth open. I don’t know if it was a migration, or a mating swarm, but it was beautiful and spontaneous. My dreams that night were rich with bird imagery and flight.

And this photo is of one of the many hummingbirds that’s been driving the cat wild from behind the window. The little guy posts up on the feeder, then drinks for a while, then posts up again. The cat sits in the windowsill for hours, chirping at the bird.

For this mid-month update, I can also let you know I’ll be uploading the pre-order digital template for Sinnet of Dragons on Wednesday. Wooohooo!! Patrons should watch their inboxes for the digital file. If you don’t have it by Friday, check your spam folder, or shoot me an email.

The print version of the book is still being tweaked, but it’s coming along for ARC copies and test prints. Whew! It’s almost here!!

Last but not least, here’s the creative boosting exercise for this mid-month letter.

  • Choose your favorite summer fruit or vegetable
  • Make a list of three recipes that use that particular food.
  • Pick one recipe to create for the fun of it BUT choose one of the following ingredients to experiment with in your recipe:
  • Jalapeno pepper
  • Brown sugar
  • Liquid smoke
  • Thai basil
  • Peanut sauce
  • Rose water


Please feel free to comment in with your successes and failures on the experiment! What made you choose the recipe and experiment that you did? Would you make it again?

The next creative boosting exercise will be a writing prompt. Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful May! I’ll be checking in soon with more updates and news!