Sinnet of Dragons launched June 1st, 2017. It’s been on the shelf for a couple of weeks and I’m already through the first third of the next book. I’m hoping to have Scold of Jays completed for beta by September, and full round edits by December.

The first two weeks on the Amazon charts SOD climbed halfway up the ranking, which isn’t bad for such a small marketing budget. I’ll keep pushing it and hope more reviews help boost sales and get some notice.

The Sinnet of Dragons official launch party at Another Read Through was a tremendous success! Many familiar faces turned up for the reading and launch. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I feel for so much support and encouragement. I spoke for a while about creativity and the impetus for the series, The Pillars of Dawn. To my delight, there were many questions about creativity in general and several great conversations after the reading about the need for more creativity in our world. I drove home from Portland with a ridiculous smile I just couldn’t shed.

Along the same note, my first Creativity Boosting Session was more successful than I anticipated. With eight exercises, and three new recipes to promote, I have finally narrowed down the activities and most useful tools to start putting on the workshop and teaching circuit.

Another success this month was the seasonal launch of the Tillamook Farmer’s Market. Every other week I’ll be sharing a booth with MB Botanicals at the market. This last weekend was our first setup. I sold out of Sinnet of Dragons stock, and had only a couple of Murder of Crows left. The greatest surprise of the day was a visit from two people who seemed familiar who saw the signs and came over to tell me they’d read Murder of Crows and they loved it. They wanted a copy of Sinnet. When I asked who I should sign the book to, it turned out to be a couple I met five years earlier. They remembered that several years earlier I was considering giving up on writing altogether, and said they were happy I decided to continue.

I’m pretty sure I blushed and stammered, “Actually, I just quit my full-time job to become a full-time writer.” How things have changed in five years.

In other news: in the last few weeks I’ve been preparing the next rounds of deliverables for my patrons. This month I posted the recipes for Sangria; Blue Cheese Bacon Mac & Cheese; and Bruschetta. As well as a woodburning video of the first project I made as I start learning a new medium for a larger mural.

I’m working on uploading the articles and creative content for this month related to process, and still working on the first audio chapter for Sinnet of Dragons. And since we’re only $164 away from the next milestone on Patreon, I’ve begun putting the packages together so I ship them out as soon as we reach the $500 mark on my site. To bump us along further, please join here! (Become a patron and get rewards, project ideas, early book news, and other goodies!)

Aside from being in a fabulous creative zone these last few weeks, I’ve been exploring more of the forest around my house, enjoying the first garden I’ve had in several years, and spending time near the water. Here are a few photos of my exploration. I don’t mind admitting that on my hunt for wild mushrooms, I discovered a patch of salmonberries, and squealed with happiness!  It seems early for salmonberries, and I didn’t even know they grew in the area. So delighted!

I keep waiting for the panic to strike, for the fear of having made such a wild leap to keep me up at night. But seven weeks into the creative life adventure and I’m still happy, excited, and full of energy. Sometimes I crawl into bed wiped out from a day of projects, but I can’t stop grinning. Which is likely one of the best signs that it was simply time.

Here’s to a lovely summer writing, building projects, setting up workshops, exploring, and cooking. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer.

Your monthly creativity exercise, should you choose to accept it:

Write a thank you note to your younger self. Make it fancy! Pick a nice paper or card, and write out your gratitude to a younger you. Five years younger, or ten years younger, what kudos would you give yourself?