The Edge


Dear Patrons,

April was a full month of reading submissions to the site, and re-writing a chapter from ‘Sinnet of Dragons’. The magnificent illustrator and designer, AM Sartor, is polishing the final sketch of the cover work, after which she’ll begin the inking and coloring, and hand-lettered title. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to see the front cover of the next book. Meanwhile, the search is on for a line editor and proofer.

Last month, thanks to Patreon support I was able to:

  1. Publish a new article on (Should I Write Under a Pen Name?)
  2. Set aside funds for the cover art contract
  3. Sign books at the Get Lit Indie Book Festival Tables in Cannon Beach
  4. Re-work a difficult chapter
  5. Begin building the class curriculum for a master world building workshop to be held in Tillamook for local writers

Attached is your monthly Patreon photo. It was taken in on the Manzanita shoreline last week. There was a break in the storm, light poured through the clouds in just that spot, and I could see for miles to the cape.

The spring storms on the coast are fierce and beautiful, inspiring much writing and mad plotting.

Thank you always, for your continued support!