Something Glorious


The Patreon (Patron) rewards have been delivered for April, so I can reveal what I sent out for March. If you’d like to contribute funds to my publishing efforts, both on this site, and for my books and get messages delivered to your inbox along with exclusive publishing updates, please visit my Patreon page and sign up! Thank you for your support!


Dear Patrons,

In Portland the cherry blossoms are in full bloom by the middle of March. Spring comes as a fresh reminder that second chances are abundant and always within reach of the asking, the trying, the willingness to catch a bit of new light and push up from the earth. I’m wishing you and yours a glorious spring, and all the sunlight you can handle.

Last month thanks to Patreon support I was able to:

  1. Settle on one of the five draft sketches for the ‘Sinnet of Dragons’ cover art. I’ll be posting the sketch on the Patreon site soon! The artist is working on the second rendition as we speak.
  2. I purchased the first article for, which should be up next week.
  3. I vetted two new editors for article and website work, and added them to our pool of resources.
  4. I registered for Get Lit at the Beach, a literary event in Cannon Beach, Oregon, where I’ll be signing books in April.

Thank you always, for your continued support!