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Don't Look BackJune 2016 Letter


Hello Patrons!

Summer is in on the Oregon Coast, complete with fickle weather and Pacific Northwest fruits. It’s been wonderful to see the ‘Sinnet of Dragons’ chapters weaving together. It’s been far too long between publications. In fact, I almost forgot what it feels like to be wrapping up the end of the working draft.

In May I was able to:

  1. Complete a difficult chapter re-write
  2. Tie the complete manuscript of ‘Sinnet of Dragons’ together for a first draft print. The full manuscript clocks in at 85K words, just the right length for a YA novel.
  3. Publish the re-worked BlissQuest Publishing business model, and update the BQP website:
  4. Produce and publish the short story: “In the Isle of the Beholder” By Adam Copeland:
  5. Purchase a new short story, and queue up a new author for the category of ‘Burnout’. Stay tuned for the July release of “Be Sure to Stop When You Get Where You Are Going” by Patrick Dwyer.
  6. Post the nearly-finished draft of the cover illustration for ‘Sinnet of Dragons’, illustration by A.M. Sartor
  7. Re-submit Wisegoddess article requests and call out for new authors and artists

May turned out to be a surprisingly difficult month. Between unexpected equipment needs and purchases, failed house-hunting attempts, work complications and so on, the emotional tension was unusually high, which invariably impacts creative productivity. With that said, June should be better, and at the very least – summer is here, and much love of nature on the Oregon Coast will be in the cards for the next few months of rejuvenating creative endeavors.

It’s slow going, but we’re getting there!

Thank you for all of your support!



P.S. The photo this month was taken at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. I was writing my first book, ‘Ghosts of Seattle’ and wandering around on foot. I came across this interesting drainpipe on the building with a sign that was clearly contradictory to the arrangement above, and my internal conflict about the wisdom of leaving behind all my security to chase a writing dream… and some ghosts.