Hello Patrons!

I hope you’re all drunk on summer light, fresh fruit, ocean breezes, and storytelling by the campfire. We’re already halfway through the year, can you believe it?

The big success this month was shipping out the beta packages. They were more expensive than I was expecting, but worth it. Getting actual reader feedback is priceless. Packages included a Starbucks gift certificate, highlighter, red pen, sticky notes, chocolate, and return shipping. Gifts will be sent to those who complete the survey and return their edits. It ended up being a much larger operation than last time.

Whew, then I celebrated with a hard-earned drink.

With June Patreon funds I was able to:

  1. Pay the full and final installment to our wonderful illustrator, AM Sartor!
  2. Hire the BlurbDoctor to re-work the ‘Murder of Crows’ and ‘Sinnet of Dragons’ cover blurbs for the new launches.
  3. Hire a short manuscript doctor visit for the first draft of ‘Sinnet of Dragons’. Results and notes are due back from him early July.
  4. Print, bind, and ship out six beta manuscripts. Feedback is due end of July.
  5. Produce and publish the article, “Writing with Handtools” by Nicholas Horton, of: Nick kindly volunteered his article for the cause! Thank you, Nick! Check out his article here:
  6. Purchase, produce and publish the short story: “Be Sure to Stop When You Get to Where You Are Going” by Patrick Dwyer.
  7. Celebrate the halfway mark!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer, full of friends, family, and adventures.

Thank you for all of your support!



This month’s photo was taken under the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon 2008. I’ve always admired fire dancers. Long exposure shots for low lighting and fast movement makes for light and fire designs that can’t be repeated. The dancers seemed to be blooming or emerging from flaming lotuses, or bursting forth from small suns.