Dear Patrons,
The new year starts with winter’s fingers wrapped around the promise of a new beginning. Without getting into the struggles I’ll just say, I’m relieved 2016 is closing out, and I pray 2017 has more light and blessings for many of us.
To be sure, I made it through the year the most unscathed of my people, and I hope to pay forward that luck and light.
I’ve reached out to writers, artists, and change agents. The invitations to join the community have gone out, and several replies have begun rolling in. It’s no small commitment, and I’m beyond thrilled that people are interested in sitting at a creative round-table on the site.
The first third of ‘Scold of Jays’ will be ready for beta at the end of January. Wooohooo!!
Please stay tuned. Adventure is pending.
This month with Patreon funds I was able to:
1)      Set aside a month’s worth of donations to pool for the final editorial payment. I expect to have the final installment to her by the end of January beginning of February.
2)      Reach out to two dozen artists, writers, storytellers, and change agents to formally invite them to the creative round-table.
3)      Begin prepping the site to accept new feeds, and build in contributor wings.
4)      Renew Creative Suite so I can continue to create photos, bookmarks, and website graphics
5)      Begin searching for layout and interior book designers to pass off Sinnet of Dragons once editorial is complete.
6)      Line block the first act of Scold of Jays
7)      Map the story board for Scold of Jays
Progress may appear to be slow, but it’s coming along. I’ll know by February if we’ll be able to make a late May launch. Crossing fingers that’s still in the cards!
May all your New Year plans be filled with joy, and may 2017 bring you the kind of abundance and wonder you’ve only dared dream.
May you walk in beauty,