Dear Creative Change Agent,

Thank you for being an instrument of change, story, and humanity.

I would like to invite you to join as a regular content provider. was built to be a village, a community for artists, developers, builders, and innovators to discuss and implement creativity, change, and positive discourse.

The goal is to bring great voices and minds into conversations and dialog about creative change. Change in the world, politics, and ourselves as artists and audience. Within the year of 2017, it is my hope that BlissQuest Publishing will have a funding option, and new works will be released to the market where we as creators can become influencers of a more peaceful, inspiring world.

All good stories begin with a revolution.

Vive la Story.

What is expected:

I am asking each creator to provide one monthly post, video or discussion around a provided monthly topic, and a photo to go with your post (photo doesn’t have to correlate but you do need to own the rights). I also ask that creators interact with three different posts or discussions on other artists’ pages a month. I also ask that creators boost one article or video a month (not just their own) on their social media platform. That’s one contribution, three comments, and a helping boost once a month.

  • One post on topic
  • Three cross-feed comments
  • One Boost

What you’ll receive:

In return you’ll receive an artist/creator profile page and wing on which to interact with audience, and link readers to your own personal pages, and body of work (alternate websites, storefronts, Patreon sites, kickstarters, etc.) a quarterly web interview and bump about what you’re working on, what releases you have coming up and where you’re innovating with art.

You’ll also receive an advertising space on the website, and feedback and interaction from other creators meeting their three-comments cross-functional interaction.

Each creator will be given a login to Wisegoddess WordPress, with a creator page they can upload their posts on. When they submit for review it will be cleared by a second pair of eyes (it won’t be perfect, but it will get a second pass for typos and grammar).

Topics for the first three months are:

January = What does fair trade / sustainable art mean to you?

February = What does diversity in entertainment mean to you?

March = How can we unite as artists and creators to support positive change in a politically unstable time?

April = Open to suggestions moving forward

The guardrails:

All creators are asked to acknowledge the Wisegoddess Code of Conduct and Ethics.

All Creators are expected to courteously participate in discussions.

All Creators are allowed to post more if they choose to, no obligation.

All Creators are allowed to plug themselves and their own projects and needs, but not more than a couple times a month. (The idea is to let your work and interactions become the plug to your links sites and needs)

By invitation only:

If you’d like an invitation to this round table community, please write in, and I’ll be in touch! I welcome any suggestions of creators and innovators you believe would be a good fit.

As a round table environment, I welcome any and all feedback and discourse. We might not always agree, but through positive friction, new creations, ideas, and story can be built.


The last week of March, 2017 I will send out a questionnaire to see if you’re still interested in participating. I’ll provide survey questions about what worked and didn’t and what we can do differently.  Have we created a safe, inspiring trend toward a new social story?

Say YES!

If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll begin the setup of your instructions and user account over the holiday season for a 2017 launch. I truly hope you’ll give us a try. It will be an amazing adventure and I would dearly love to have you along.

Thank you so much for your consideration. I look forward to hosting you on