Now that has been up a year and we’ve tested some layouts and feedback loops, we’re ready to open to regular contributors.

It has been an exhausting four-year journey to socialize the concept of BlissQuest Publishing. Fair trade sustainable art, and diversity in entertainment are movements that are now underway and gaining momentum, visibility, and market share.

Yes, market share. Why does this excite me to no end?

Because if a movement is gaining market share, producers will buy in to catch the wave. They might not be buying in for the overall goal of supporting fairness, equality, and more diverse representation – but whether they’re buying in for profit or something else, the end result is momentum.

While producers are fixing to buy into these concepts as they’re still registering on the market radar… we’ve got work to do to be ready to influence that wave. We need to be ready to boost the paradigm shift.

This is where we as creators, innovators, change agents, and storytellers – my fellow disruptors; this is where we get to put our weight toward the change we want to see, and leverage new cultural evolution.

We have a window, let’s use it.

What is a paradigm?


What is our current paradigm? What says the current hive mind?


The population census of the United States records that women make up 51% of the population.

Still, they are earning less on the dollar for same labor as men, have fewer autonomous rights over body, and are represented by less than half in the higher more powerful roles of business, entertainment and publishing. Is this a cultural paradigm? Can it be shifted?

The population census of the United States records that people of color (non-white) make up 36% of the population. Yet still, representation of people of color in positions of power, influence, entertainment and reference are shown less than 12% of the time. Often when they are represented they are type-casted as criminal, poverty stricken, or undereducated – IE put in repressed positions, degraded or devalued.

Example’s Conclusion of Paradigm?

White male dominance or privilege in areas of authority, influence or financial power.

Can this paradigm be altered, influenced, or evened out? Yes.


How do we bridge the gap between what the current paradigm is, versus where we want to drive it?


Storytellers are bridge builders

The sacred role of storytellers.

Storytellers have captured culture, change, and the human journey for centuries. Be it through the cave drawings and retellings of herd migrations, songs of epic warfare, love poetry, or a cozy mystery on a blustery afternoon, story has been central to society for thousands of years.

Storytellers are influencers, creators, agents of inspiration, and the messengers of the cautionary tale. Storytellers are the transition point of what was and is – to what can and will be. If they write it, dance it, film it – if they build it the next generation will have that foundation from which to build their next evolution. We find ourselves in need of strong storytellers, open minds, and deeply compassionate voices in these difficult times.

If you are such a storyteller, I salute you!


Who is a change agent?

Anyone who participates in change. Anyone who acts left, right, or sideways from the ascribed paradigm. A change agent is the person who speaks up for someone being bullied on the subway. A change agent is someone who skips the big box office release of yet another all male, all white cast, opting instead for the indie flick with a more diverse set of characters. A change agent doesn’t have to make huge political statements or heroic gestures; their heroism is measured by their personal choices that support a larger initiative toward worldwide community and acceptance.

Are you a change agent? What other paradigms are you interested in shifting via participation?


I sincerely hope you’ll consider joining the Wisegoddess community. As we grow and expand, I expect our goals to migrate toward a wider scope. These are just a few examples of paradigms, and cultural revolutions in the making. Please feel free to politely disagree, offer alternative views, and elevate the topic for discourse. As long as we’re all respectful and open to dialog, there’s a lot we can accomplish. There is much adventure to be had!

Viva la Story