Ghost Pepper and editsSince taking a research and development job on the Oregon coast, it’s been a struggle to find new spots. Such a writer problem, I know, but after a decade in Portland I knew exactly where and when to camp out at certain restaurants, cafes, and parks to get my work done with the atmosphere needed for specific purposes. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to replot my nooks, and find new hiding spots.

So far, I’ve found one or two places that work well for editing (hard liquor, little chatter, finger foods and a spot I can work without being a bother to a server), but nothing yet for scene development, or sections of dialog (best done in cafes with other people chattering in the background, milk frothing on a steam arm, coffee tamping, fresh brew and a corner booth).

World development, and heavy emotional sections are best left for parks, woods or areas I won’t be interrupted with refills or strangers making friendly conversation. (Not that I don’t want those things, just not when I suspect I might burst into tears in front of someone I don’t know after having killed off a favorite character. Seriously awkward, and it’s happened more than once.)

Point is, I think I’ve found one good nook in Netarts at the Schooner where the drinks are good, as in this Beet ghosts pepper margarita, where I can plunk down with a manuscript that’s bleeding red ink and get some work done.

One barstool/ booth down, half a dozen more to find.

Anywhoo, long story short, too late, the Sinnet of Dragons manuscript is a bloody marked-up mess – so, I’m right on schedule. Second drafts are nearly as messy as the first. I chopped a chapter and subbed a new scene, trimmed excess dialog, and hacked out a significant amount of description to speed up the page-turn. Now I’m smoothing and tweaking the pacing.

When this draft is complete it’ll be ready for beta, and the hunt for an editor will be on. It makes me nervous and thrilled at the same time. This book needs to be pushed out so Scold of Jays can get the attention it needs.

In the meantime, I’ll be camped out with a red pen at the Schooner with a ghost pepper margarita that both offends and seduces my tastes. (It’s like dating…complete with backhanded compliments)

Stay tuned. Manuscript to be delivered soonish.

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