Asking Fatigue.

It’s difficult to ask for donations for artistic ventures. While celebs like Amanda Palmer have gotten the “asking” down to an art, there are others, like myself, who bumble through it. Sometimes the exhaustion from asking is directly proportionate to the responses from folks with “giving fatigue”.

Giving fatigue. The unfortunate truth is, as a society, we’re burned out. As an overwhelming majority, we’re running dry on empathy. We as humans have been bombarded with depressing or terrifying media stories, heart-wrenching losses in public view, stories that beg, guilt and threaten us into offering support, or emotions, outreach and energy to participate in the human story which is often ratings driven and less than honest. We’re encouraged, goaded and pushed into angry retorts, arguments with friends, social media wars, us vs. them, defense vs. offence, and then nothing left to give.

This constant bombardment generates a mind-numbing burnout for anyone who’s even remotely empathetic, and worse, generates potential rage in people who are less than stable, creating a chain of violent events which perpetuate the cycle.

Then there’s the financial requests; not a day goes by that my social media feeds don’t get two or even three Kickstarter requests, Gofundme, Patreon, Indigogo, or other crowd sourcing campaign for medical bills, travel emergencies, artistic projects, weddings, funerals, emergency repairs, etc. All worthy causes, every single one.

We are financially strapped, still recovering from a long winter, burdened by student loan debt, long term medical bills and other such losses. I feel it also. We’re all in this boat together.

Mix financial strain, emotional exhaustion, the feeling you’re being hit up from every angle by somebody wanting something from you, rampant social injustice, media-fueled illnesses and then just your average day-to-day living dramas, relationships and work issues; the next person who hits you up for a Kickstarter to make some art is going to get the stink eye, or at the very least, blocked from your feed.

I’m an artist who relies on generosity and community to pull projects together.

I’m also a human being struggling with the same blend of giving and asking fatigue. I know the burnout from both sides, and frankly, I struggle to donate, and to receive.

There are times when you just can’t. I know those days too. I don’t ask lightly or with any expectations. Whatever you can or want to do, is always appreciated.

So I’m making a list of ways folks can participate. Some financial, some otherwise.

Above all, please remember there is never any obligation. Participation does not guarantee rewards, nor does non-participation breed any kind of negativity. This is strictly voluntary and in good faith and spirit.

  1. For financial donations please see my Patreon site.

All funds from Patreon go toward writing and publishing my stories, and supporting this blog. As little as $1 a month will register you for exclusive access to behind the scenes updates on the books and content. You can stop at any time!

2. Purchase a book! Print or digital.

For non-financial contributions:

  1. Spread the word: Like, Share, Pin, Tweet, or Tag any of the posts! Pass the links, and include your friends.
  2. Engage in conversations on the blog.
  3. Submit an article or short story per the guidelines. You’ll even earn some cash and acclaim! But more importantly, it builds up our community when you add you voice to the work.
  4. Go to the events posted, and participate with the readers, writers, and publishers!
  5. Leave book reviews. They help books climb in ratings, even the reviews that aren’t 4-5 stars. It helps the books be found by other readers.
  6. Support local bookstores. Like the amazing, Another Read Through.
  7. Join any of our social media links: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

I appreciate your support. I appreciate all you do for myself, and other artists. Thank you!

Gratefully yours,