The waterfall photo is from my commute. I pass the waterfall twice a day and I never cease to be awed by the beauty.

Dear Patrons!
It’s been a weighty month for many reasons. Gaining steady rhythm has been tougher than expected, though it’s coming along. With many unexpected financial issued and home/repair changes, it’s been tough to stay on schedule. On the bright side, the beauty of working out project timing kinks in the middle of winter is the ability to re-prioritize the year ahead.
I suspect this winter hasn’t been easy for quite a few folks, so I won’t ramble on. Instead I’m including some extras in this email, for Patrons to post or use as needed to boost spirits if it helps. They are all photos from my collected works. The mid-winter slog is almost over, then we’re coasting toward spring. Here’s to spring!
This month’s Wisegoddess and publishing news:
·         I’m still working with the editor on the first half of Sinnet of Dragons. She pointed out some much-needed tweaks (That’s what editors do, and I’m super grateful!)
·         I’m slotting forward time for a proofer/polish.
·         Shopping around for a layout designer.
·         Patreon funds are still being set aside for the second half of the editor installment
·         The website remodel is coming along great! Check it out:
· creative roundtable has officially launched with the first discussion about fair trade and sustainable arts. Please take a look at Tim Harnett’s article here:
·         I launched a practice recipe blog post for Patrons who’d still like recipes, but didn’t want them attached to the Patreon letter. The first test run is here: on a side note, I got many questions from regulars about whether I was starting a recipe blog. Alas, no, but it would be fun!
This part of project planning and scheduling is always a little frustrating. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and want to rush forward and get things done! But slow and steady wins the race, increases quality and prevents mistakes. So I’m trying to remember to breathe and maintain energy levels at a constant. Sinnet of Dragons will be in hand in no time- then hopefully the wait will be worth it.
I wish you all a wonderful February! I hope you’re all staying safe, dry, and warm.
Much love and appreciation,