I’ll be posting the mid-month reviews in two places: on Wisegoddess.Com and Theblissquest.com/blog until the transfer and conversion is complete.

February is showing early signs of spring already, so my outdoor to do list is getting long already. It feels like a mad dash to get indoor projects partially completed, and writing goals met so the outdoor work can start on time this year.

Last year was my first in this house, so the garden was just a test to see what would grow in un-augmented conditions. The only plants that did well last year were the raspberries. So, this year the garden needs a total overhaul; trees cleared for light, new raised beds, amended soil. It’ll be a project to be sure.

The first round of beekeeping equipment arrived; the hat, jacket, gloves and a couple of tools. Just the basics. So that part of the plan is underway. I hope to have beehives by end of march at the latest.

Writing is coming slowly. The strong bursts of productivity in word count have slowed to make way for planning, editing, and the sculpting process. Though this is one of the most important stages of the work in progress, it can feel isolating and unproductive because rather than gaining word count, I’m losing it. The whole point is to lose it, I know, but it often feels like backward momentum rather than forward.

Trimming ten percent of word count makes a tighter, better manuscript, but it can seem like you’re cutting away weeks of hard work. It gets depressing. I admit there’s been a little motivation drag lately also, in that, without the funds to send the manuscripts to the editor, it’s hard to keep energy levels high and excited. Also just part of the rollercoaster process, and I just have to suck it up and keep on moving forward as though the funds will be there when the time is right.

February Patron Project

Meanwhile there’s been research, craft work, design work, cooking, product development, marketing strategy and spring prep going on. This is a photo of the project created for patrons this month. More tutorials can be found on my patron site here.

In the midst of it all, I’ve been tired. My sister noticed it a few days before I did, but I’m low on energy and exhausted. I couldn’t figure out why some basic tasks were a struggle until I sat down with the laundry basket and said it out loud, “holy hell, why am I so beat?”

A hard few months of driving to the goal line has left me a little on the depleted end, add to that the winter slog and a change in diet and I couldn’t make it through the day without extra coffee or a nap.

So I told myself I’d slow down…not sure what that looks like yet, but I’ll try to work in more relaxing time, and a few days off.

All in all, February is feeling like the gateway to a lot of changes. The kickstart for the publishing funds for two books should launch next month. My dating profile is up, and checked off the list so I can forget about it. The weather is turning, prepping for spring and big changes to the yard and garden for sustainability and production.

T-minus six months to the deadline I gave myself to be self-sustaining and off-grid by my 40th birthday. While it’s not looking like I’ll meet the goal for electricity generation to be off-grid just yet, many of the other pieces are falling into place, slowly, but they’re happening. We’ll know in six months how close to the mark I actually make it. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!

To close out this mid-month review, I was coming home late the other night. It was clear and cold, the air freezing, but the sky was perfectly clear. I pulled into the driveway as the constellation of Orion stood as though he were dancing on the roof of my house.

The Skybowl beckoned, so I dropped my bags inside and turned off all the interior and exterior lights to see better. Then I went out on the deck with a glass of Jameson, and a cigar. I sat with Orion and the stars, and just said “thank you”.

Thank you. I know some weeks are hard, and others exhausting. I know that there are worries about how things will work, or if they’ll work. There are days when I miss my tribe, or adventures outside the forest. There are days when I wonder how I’m going to get by. But I’ve been blessed enough to not know the tint of regret, not once.

Yes, I’m tired, but I’m happy. I’m struggling, but I enjoy the challenge. I’m here, now, and doing what I love, and there is no other blessing I would wish for.

Thank you. Have a wonderful rest of your winter, folks.