It’s already the mid-month, and I have no idea where the month has gone…the year, actually. It’s almost 2018. How did that happen?

I suppose it’s a good sign that I’m stunned by the passage of time. It means I was busy, productive, and working toward something that feels real.

Some mornings I can’t believe it. I wake up, start the coffee and I’m knee-deep in a chapter before I remember to press the pot and pour a cup. When I do take a break and stare out the window, I’m amazed by the view, still, a year later…and overwhelmed with gratitude that I’m able to do what I love most. Create.

How many people get to say that?

Is it hard work? Yes, some of the hardest work I’ve ever done. Is it a struggle? Yes. I’m clipping coupons, shopping sale items, plotting for vegetable farming, engaging patrons, and waiting tables…just to stay above water. I don’t live lavishly. My biggest splurges are wine, Netflix, and art supplies.

Is it worth it?

Yes. With no additional qualifiers. It’s simply worth it. I get to write. The end.

I’ve cut travel out of my budget, along with theater visits; and transitioned my spending from clothes, makeup, and workout memberships– to power tools, equipment, and utility bills.

That might all seem normal for most people, and it’s not that abnormal for me, just abnormal for where I was at in my life. It’s been a transition. A willing change in order to pursue a greater goal.

So Mid-Month December rolls up with a Nanowrimo hangover. The first week of the month was spent in a fog of recovery from over-writing. This November 2017 was my largest single output, and the resulting exhaustion was tough to shake. My brain felt like wobbly pudding.

As I started to re-acclimate to normal life again, there were piles of laundry to catch up on, dishes, a burn pile that had grown out of control, and stacks of paperwork to get through.

As the beta drafts for Scold of Jays rolled in, I also set about compiling all the feedback and adding in the notes, pulling up the seven chapters I’d removed from beta, and so on.

I wish I had more glorious news to report, but most of the month to date has been catchup.

The ground is frozen. There’s a half inch of ice on the deck, and the holiday lights sparkle at night. It’s that time of year. I’m prepping for a Solstice Celebration; pie, wine and cider to celebrate the longest night, and a new beginning of the year.

I have a lot to be grateful for, and much thanks to give.

Hopefully, with the new year, I’ll be able to launch my new storefront online. I’ve been working on side products to support the series and books. This means, I’ll be able to sell items that represent my characters and world; perfumes, teas, candles, and other merchandise.

The new year will begin the fundraising campaign for the publishing costs for Scold of Jays, Plague of Gargoyles, and a marketing push. I’ll be on the hunt for an editor, and a new layout designer, and driving hard toward a summer release for two novels.

Here’s to closing out 2017 and opening a chapter that’s rich with the promise of fruition.

Dear 2018, we’ve got a lot to do, and I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am about that. Thanks for coming.

Dear friends, family, patrons, and readers:

Thank you for being with me on this roller coaster journey. Thank you for supporting me when it looked like I was driving headlong for the cliff’s edge. Thank you fore reaching out, pitching in, offering encouragement, and being generally willing to hop in, buckle up, and put your hands in the air with me.

You have made this adventure so worthwhile. Thank you.

May you all have the happiest of holidays and a wonderful New Year!

So much love and gratitude,