I’ve been enjoying the Apothic wine lines. My favorite is the Apothic Dark, but they haven’t standardized their process yet, so it’s hit or miss if you’ll get one of the good bottles. The good bottles are plummy, with a hint of dark roasted coffee, dark cherry, and a little blackberry. It’s such a delight to drink, so luscious and full… it feels mildly immoral. But the bad bottles have a sour note that’s unpleasant. Until the make process is nailed down, I’m still purchasing the Apothic Dark, but needed to find a way to use the “off” bottles.

Usually I get them at my local grocery and they’re on sale for about six bucks. The average range I like a wine for my dinners and evening deck drinking. It sucks to get one of the bad bottles when you’ve got your feet propped up and you’re ready to relax.

So, I started buying several at a time, then setting the not-so-great- bottles aside for sangria. Since sangria is a mixed, doctored wine, the sour note doesn’t surface. I make a large jar on a Friday and keep it through the weekend for visitors. It’s probably my favorite sangria recipe so far. It’s decadent, rich, full-bodied, sweet, and refreshing. As silly as it sounds, this sangria makes me feel like a mysterious writer living a debauched life in the woods…. Which is a total fiction, right?

The addition that makes this sangria so plush is the Chat Noir Myrtille. It’s a blueberry wine with grape spirits added, produced by the Buddha Kat Winery in Sandy, Oregon. I discovered them at the Tillamook Farmer’s Market. I liked the taster for sipping, but it’s not a sit and relax type of drinking wine. There’s an acidic bite if you just pour a glass, however, in the mixology of sangria, it blends beautifully with the already plummy, dark coffee and cherry notes of the Apothic Dark. I expect I’ll be using the Chat Noir Myrtille in many mixed drinks, and even some baked desserts and sauces. It’s a 17% alcohol, but I’m even thinking about frozen, or partially frozen summer drinks and ice creams to try with it. We’ll see.

Here’s the recipe for the Debauched Sangria. Please feel free to let me know what you think! If you’ve got alcohols or liqueurs you’d like me to try in some mix recipes, just hit me up via the webform and I’ll check them out! I’m happy to explore new products and recipes anytime.


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