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A Humble Plea for Support

A Humble Plea for Support

State of my Union Address & Humble Plea for Support So, I’m a scant seven weeks away from a new book launch, and a few conversations away from losing my full-time employment (by their choice or mine, is still undetermined). Discussions for both events have been in...
February Patron Newsletter 2017

February Patron Newsletter 2017

Dear Patrons! It’s been a weighty month for many reasons. Gaining steady rhythm has been tougher than expected, though it’s coming along. With many unexpected financial issued and home/repair changes, it’s been tough to stay on schedule. On the bright side, the beauty...

I’ve been writing for twenty-five years, publishing for the last decade. My love of story and creativity has only grown more intense over time, as storytelling, communications and wrangling the imagination never cease to be a fulfilling challenge.

I split my time between creativity and artistic development, and the corporate world of regulatory work and process design, which keeps my left brain occupied and engaged so I don’t become creative heavy and topple over.

This blog is a new incarnation of my brand name. From here I am able to indulge my creative fancies and play with readers and creators all over the world. I love cooking, scrapbooking, book building, photography, polymer sculpting, writing and publishing. I get ideas from everyday life and living, from problems I encounter and dig my teeth in to puzzle out. I’m inspired by fellow artists, travel and nature and the human spirit.

I currently live on the Oregon Coast where I’m romanced daily by the extraordinary beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

The longest, most difficult lesson I’m consistently learning is to Trust the Story.

Please join the adventure!


These are the adventures, and misadventures of my life and learnings. Herein are the captures of my struggles, thoughts and dialogs – and they are not always “G- Rated” vignettes. They are often gritty, political, heartbreaking struggles in a world that frequently reflects sexism, oppression and more problem making than problem solving. I often confront these scenarios with actual human thoughts and words, which is occasionally less Disney than some might prefer.

I hereby reserve the right to post links to disturbing materials (always with warnings), swear like a drunken sailor, speak with my actual voice, tell my actual thoughts, respond to disrespectful commenters by deleting and blocking, and expose myself as I am; ink-stained, and covered in glitter, over-caffeinated and bursting with ideas.

Rules of the site:

  1. Courtesy.
  2. Courtesy.
  3. Courtesy.

Courtesy is general politeness and basic human decency. In an effort to promote change, positivity and healthy creative involvement in the world, I will remove all comments statements or complaints that do not pass the bare minimum of courteous dialog. Persistent offenders will be blocked and reported.

Suggestions and ideas are always welcome, in fact they are greatly appreciated. Constructive counsel, and healthy criticisms can create a dynamic positive friction from which evolution and new ideas occur.

The rules for constructive counsel and healthy criticism are as follows:

  1. Courtesy.
  2. Perspective – be clear you are only offering your personal perspective and/or cited reasons
  3. Depth – as in, surface complaints, nitpicks, passive aggressiveness and whining lack depth. True constructive counsel offers depth, reason and genuine reflection.
  4. Courtesy.