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Hello Dear Patrons!

I have one word for you – sunscreen. Yes, am a late bloomer to the necessity of sunscreen this year. I’ll work on that for the next couple of months…Happy summer!

The big success this month is getting the beta feedback in. Feedback validated a lot of the issues in the manuscript I suspected, and brought up more threads and concepts to dig deeper into and flesh out. I’d also sent out queries to 21 agents, requesting representation for ‘Sinnet of Dragons’, so I could say we did at least attempt to take the traditional route.

After 11 rejections I think we’re at the end of the possible replies (Usually a 50% reply and a 50% ignore). This frees me up to add in the content needed to thicken the story and give it the meat most traditional publishers don’t want to see in YA.

Why did I even bother, you wonder? To cross that box off the list of options, really. No other reason than that. I tried traditional avenues – now I can do what I think is really best for the story. Voila!

I’m expending less in the Patreon funds the next few months, building up our pool to get to the next goal of an editor. An editor will be a big ticket item, so I’ll be lowering the amount we put into until we can make the next milestone. Still, I did manage to do a few cool things.

With July Patreon funds I was able to:

  1. Publish the short story: “Be Sure to Stop When You Get to Where You Are Going” by Patrick Dwyer.
  2. Sadly, no entries won for the category “Generosity / Grace / Loss”.
  3. Re-design the back end of the blog, setting up a new pipeline for vetted artists to post articles through their account into
  4. Produce and publish the article: “How to Go Pro, Like Van Gogh” by Nick Horton.
  5. Write and publish the article: “Lack of Diversity in Story is Hurting America”
  6. Researching Dragon Flight – thanks to a generous gift I was able to explore the sensory concepts and ideas of dragon flight for the manuscript with I posted a video of the flight here: and the blog link here:


Here’s to a fast second draft re-write and a summer without sunburns!

Thank you for all of your support!



P.S This month’s photo was taken at the Portland Chinese Garden in the spring of 2006. I didn’t add a quote to the photo as it speaks for itself. I’ve always been fascinated with doors, portals, and thresholds… you just never know what kind of adventure waits on the other side.