It’s been a strange two weeks. While I’ve been productive in the sense of book plotting, I’ve been too exhausted and busy to get to my other creative outlets. I’m behind on everything. Emails piled up, and the to-do list is overflowing. Self-employment is a 24/7 peddling job that never really ends, but some of the backlog will clear and I’ll be back to normal by the end of the month.

I knew this part of the curve would happen, there’s a little discouragement and frustration, and a dent in the optimism.

While I realize its temporary and has a lot to do with the shift in scheduling, creative timing, and summer needs, it’s still tiring. The last two weeks have also been quite hot for the area, so I’ve tried to shift up my writing window to earlier mornings and evenings, then siesta in the middle of the day with low energy work so I don’t overheat.

Me and my farmer’s market partner, Mabelyn of MB Botanicals, have signed up to do the Manzanita farmers market a few times before the season ends to test it out. The Tillamook market has been so good to us, that it’s worth taking the show in the road. This is great news, but also a lot of prep and extra energy. Still, it’s temporary as the season ends at the end of September. Then I’ll need to find a different venue through the winter.

On the writing note, I’m making satisfying progress. In the realm of website upkeep, business marketing, and creativity, there’s a lot to get done. I need to transfer my web hosting service and refurbish the site, but it’s tough to do when I have access to internet an hour at a time only a few days a week.

Some upward notes are that my plans for sustainability before my 40th birthday are well under way. You can read more about that in the 39th note to self.

I’m also happy to announce that I booked three more classes through the Tillamook Library system. I’ll be teaching Beginning Self-Publishing, and Advanced Self-Publishing in Pacific City, and Manzanita. I’ll post the dates soon.

Also on the workshop plans is a day conference in Manzanita at the Hoffman Center with Jessica Morrell at the end of September. More on that to come as well. I hope when my website transfer is completed, I’ll be able to have a calendar of events on the main page.

August has felt baked, a little overcooked and stagnant. It will break up and get moving again soon, but until then, I’m hunkered down to finish act two of Scold of Jays, so I can bust into Act 3 come September. That will keep me on track to get Scold of Jays out for beta by then of September, so I can start prepping for Nanowrimo, and the next book in the series! This year’s Nanowrimo will be all about book 4 and a chance to super-charge the story arc. I’m so excited!!

How excited you ask? Well, I’m so excited about Nanowrimo this year that I’m already prepping the cook and freeze menu to work on through October. I’m currently cleaning out my freezer, rotating through the old stuff and making room for frozen nano meals. I’m funneling development notes, pin boards, and glossary info as I write Scold of Jays, to be able to pick up a development package for book 4 November 1st, and start burning through 50K words in count for a 30-day writing binge.

If I schedule it correctly, I’ll have Scold of Jays in developmental editing while I’m writing and blocking book 4, so that December-May, the manuscripts can alternate through beta, developmental, and polish and hopefully publish about six months apart. Crossing fingers. It will all depend on cash flow and timing, so hoping for the best.

The title of book 4 will be release to my Patrons in December! Patrons will get the first glimpses of development and plotting, as well as two early release chapters from Scold of Jays.

So even though August feels a bit down, things are happening, life is trucking along, and rhythms are adjusting. Knowing this was part of the curve makes it a little easier. Knowing it will pick back up and smooth out makes all the hopeful difference.

In the meantime, please be patient with my slow updates, and direction shifts. Hopefully, everything will be back on track by September.