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Who am I?

My name is Athena. I’m a legal mononame. I’ve been writing for twenty-five years and publishing for over a decade. My works include fantasy, folklore, memoir, and more.  I teach classes and workshops on writing craft, and creativity; as well as offer creativity boosting sessions, and individual coaching.

Please feel free to check out more of my work and publishing efforts at, or my author site I’m available for booking classes as of June 1st, 2017.

If you have class requests or ideas, I’m happy to work something out and plan toward specific needs.

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Offerings on writing craft include:

  • World Building for Beginner/ Intermediate Writers
    • World building applies to every story, every genre. Whether you’re writing a memoir, a murder mystery, or a fantasy novel, the world that houses your story must be believable and real. We’ll cover the basics, some tricks of the trade, building world files, and taking apart examples of successful/ unsuccessful world building.
  • World Building for Advanced Writers
    • A more in-depth study of world building. Once the world is built the cogs of story must fit into the world grooves. World can become a character in your works, it can be a motivator, antagonist or even a hero. How will world building impact your novels and short stories, and how much do you really need to plan.
  • The Unforgettable Character
    • What makes an unforgettable character? What is insistence? What’s the rhythm of an archetype and how do you harness that archetypal power into a character you want your audience to connect with and remember for years to come?
  • Triggering Emotional Resonance in Your Story
    • If your audience doesn’t feel connected to your story, they’re an outsider looking in—but if you offer emotional resonance, you trap them in the story and the only way out is to keep turning pages. This workshop is designed to help you use emotional resonance to tie your reader to the story arc.
  • Prepping for Memoir
    • What’s a memoir? Why is it so important? How do you tell a story about your life when some of the key characters are still alive—and might not thank you for it? Prepping for memoir is the discussion of what it takes to make the decision to tell your story, and how to set yourself up to go through events all over again.
  • Mapping Your Story Arc
    • Beginner guide to building a plot arc, and story board.
  • Defeating the Boogeyman: The Myth of Writer’s Block
    • There’s no such thing as Writer’s Block, and I can prove it to you so you can get back to the writing desk.
  • Creativity Boosting Session for Writers
    • Use three exercises to boost creativity, recharge the mind, gain creative flexibility and get the juices flowing.

Offerings for artists and creatives include:

  • Creativity Boosting Session for Artists
    • Reinvigorate your creative life! Tools, exercises, discussion, and homework
  • Why is Creativity So Important in Our Modern World?
    • A discussion and meeting set of why and how innovation and creativity serve our emotional and mental development, increase social evolution, and urge.
  • Material Arts, and the 3-D Brain
    • Using fiber and material arts to help the brain map new viewpoints and frame of reference. Discussion to follow on the need to break out of thought and pattern ruts to infuse new creative solutions.
  • Help Keep Your Children Creative
    • Adult workshop and discussion on keeping children in a creative mindset when social and educational conditioning actively attempt to suppress innovation. Elephants are not always gray.
  • Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound: Tools of the Creative
    • Reboot the creatives best tools, the sensory catalog and lexicon.
  • Creating a Safe Space for Innovation
    • Being creative can mean taking risks. How do you ensure the safety of your space and emotional needs in order to stretch your creative boundaries? Tips, tools, and discussions.


Please reach me via the webform below.

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