Tulips for Trevor

Dear Patrons,

Here on the Oregon Coast, the weather is turning toward hikes and writing sessions on the water. March was a busy month of edits, re-writes and submissions from new artists. The first printouts of ‘Sinnet of Dragons’ were thicker than I expected and require more retooling to get them within spec of the YA reading audience, but that’s a good problem to have. I hope spring is treating you well, and thoughts of summer adventures are just around the corner.

Last month, thanks to Patreon support I was able to:

  1. Send two articles to the editor for future publication on Wisegoddess.com
  2. Set aside funds for the cover art contract.
  3. Purchase printing supplies for draft and galley edits.
  4. Book scheduling and planning to teach world building classes and creativity sessions, coming in May.

Attached is your monthly Patreon photo. The quote is from a set of journals I did when I blogged my many social experiments and adventures. Whenever I felt disconnected or too far from my tribe, I would buy bundles of flowers and write notes to strangers, attaching them to the flowers. Then I would walk through town, or a crowded market and pass out flowers to men and women with notes that said things like, “You are beautiful” “Take a new adventurous route home today. You never know what you’ll see!” “Tell someone you like their shoes, because you have great taste in shoes!” “Send a prayer out for a stranger, because someone who loves you has you in their thoughts.” and “Whoever you are, you’re a part of my tribe, and I wish great things for you”

I haven’t done the exercise in several years, but I always made notes of the types of responses I got. Sometimes people would cry. Often they would refuse the gesture. Sometimes they invited me to a coffee or drink. Usually, they just wanted to understand what I was up to. Nine times out of ten, people were hesitant, even a little unsure what to do with a flower from a stranger. I offered hugs, or they offered me a hug in return. Often they would ask why… and the first few times I went out, I’d just shrug and say why not?

But in later years, I started to reply with, “Because you’re worth it.”

No one had a reply after than kind of statement, and I realized perhaps many of the people I walked beside in the store, or on the street or in the farmer’s market – had never had a stranger tell them they were worthy. It broke my heart and firmed my resolve to make efforts to notice more strangers, and nod, smile or acknowledge them in some way.

The image is from the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in 2012.

Thank you always, for your continued support!




P.S. I’ll be signing copies of ‘Murder of Crows’ at Get Lit at the Beach, a literary event in Cannon Beach, Oregon, April 10th from 12:30 to 3pm at Jupiter’s Books.